If you’ve been asked to be the best man at a friend’s wedding, you know one of your tasks is going to include planning the bachelor party. It can be difficult to come up with bucks party ideas for your friend that are original and entertaining. Taking him to a strip club doesn’t take any originality. You want him excited and surprised at his bachelor party. It should be a night he remembers forever. 

What is a Bucks Party?

This is a night that the groom should remember for the entirety of his marriage. It’s a grand send-off into married life. It’s a chance for him to bond with this best mates before he drifts into his new life with his bride. It’s a celebration that he found the love of his life and wants to spend the rest of his days with her. The night shouldn’t be a regret, but a grand party to celebrate. 

Casino Night

If he wants strippers at the party, and they’re not forbidden by the bride, you can have them at a venue that you choose. You don’t have to go the impersonal route of going to a skin club. Strippers can show up for a certain part of the night while you do other things like have a casino night. If there are enough men to fill a hall, you could rent a space for the night to hold your poker games and roulette wheel. You could have topless barmaids delivering drinks to the guests and bachelor too. Since you’re on the Sunshine Coast, make sure you check out Wild Diamond Sunshine Coast Fun casino.


If you’re friend is into comedy, you could come up with bucks party pranks to play on him. Fool him into thinking you’re not having a party. Pretend you’re off to a boring night at the movies. If he hates fishing, pretend you’re taking him for a day on the water. When he’s sufficiently sad about his bachelor party turning into a bust, you can surprise him with the real event.

Themed Night

You could choose a theme for the night whether it’s casino night, a retro 80s theme or a theme based on a reality television show like the Amazing Race. The party themes are meant to be light-hearted, but make sure it appeals to the bachelor. Don’t force a theme on him that he won’t enjoy unless that’s the prank.

Camping, Fishing or Hunting

A friend who loves camping and fishing would enjoy a weekend in the woods. Rent a cabin for the entire group and make it a manly camping, fishing or hunting weekend. Make sure there’s plenty of beer for the weekend too. If your friend doesn’t hunt, you can make it a Rambo-style weekend with paintball guns.

Adventure Weekend

A friend who is into extreme sports might like a weekend of adrenaline-filled excitement. You could take him skydiving, white water rafting or ATV wheeling. Make sure that none of these activities are mixed with alcohol, or you’ll end up with a groom on crutches at the altar while the bride glares at you.
The night you choose for your best friend should fit his interests. If he wouldn’t enjoy a weekend of camping or fishing, that wouldn’t be the best bucks party for him. Pick something he would enjoy that he doesn’t get to do on a regular basis. It should be a special night full of male bonding, drinking and laughing fun.